Baldwyn High School

Baldwyn School District will host its annual Title I Parent and Family Engagement Meeting on Monday, August 20 at 6 p.m. at the Baldwyn High School auditorium.

This annual meeting is to inform parents and the community about allocations of Federal Title I funds. The meeting will also have information for parents and families about state assessments, school-parent compacts, parental involvement plan, homework activities, ways to increase parent/family involvement, future workshops for parents and families.

For more information about Title I funds or parental/family involvement at Baldwyn School District, please contact Curriculum Director Rhonda Crump at 662-365-1000.

BHS 3rd 9 Weeks Academic Awards

BHS 3rd 9 Week Academic Awards

Principal’s List

9th Grade: Annika Been, Micaela Harper, Abigail Magill, Abby Pennington, Elane Robbins, Shailon Roberson, Sarah Wilson

10th Grade: Haley Cotton, Jordan Eldrigde, Cheyene Etheridge, Garrett Gray, Allie Grissom, Joshua Hester, Clay Hoover, Brooke Morris, Chloe Nanney

11th Grade: Shamaur Agnew, Hannah Anglin, Allie Belew, Taylor Blackwell, Jade Cagle, Holly Chase, Jacob Eldridge, Connor Hendrix, Brett Horner, Paige Huddleston, Lilly Kleinert, Savanna Martin, Meridith Morris, Braxton Nabors, Emma Pearson, Westin Phillips, Allison Roberts, Hannah Sandlin, Jeni Kate Scott, Bryan Vickers

12th Grade: Alexis Barnett, Alexis Cooper, Kody Hollin, Mahalle Howell, Dawn Jackson, Starr Jackson, Emily Jenkins, Tyrani Key, Carleen King, Mckala King, Payton Magill, Shelby Maynor, CJ Hurd, Tyler Raines, Ingrid Osmundson, Page Stacy, Russ Trollinger

Honor Roll

9th Grade: Emari Cox, Maylee Dugger, Nikko Gusman, Kezia Hayes, Jonathan Hooper, Luke Horner, Tyler Miller, Lena Pratt, Carson Raines, Tracy Reno, Autumn Richardson, Harleigh Roberts, Shanti Shinault, SeNyiah Turnage

10th Grade: Ethan Carmichael, Rebecca Crawford, Lawson Gamble, Sydney Griffin, Olivia Holland, Katelyn Murphy, Cayliana Newman, Mattie Pettigo, Cameron Stewart, Keeley Wade, Makhia Ward

11th Grade: Jaleel Agnew, Marquavious Cunningham, Emerald Dilworth, Jerrius Dye, Gabe Edmondson, Paityn Johnson, Jake Maynor, Brendrick McMillian, Breana Pounds, Latrell Shelley, John Swinney, Isaiah Terry, Devon Phifer

12th Grade: Desi Bennett, Hannah Bridges, Kison Cole, Hannah Durham, Ovurton Gates, Noah Hancock, Corley Hogue, Diamond Irons, Matthew Laws, Ashton Martin, Micah McKinney, Samantha Moad, Hunter Ray, Will Roberts, Keely Roberts, S. Austin Roberts, LaJayla Turnage, Kirkland Welch



FBLA advances to state competition
FBLA advances to state competition

Congratulations to the following Future Business Leaders of America members who participated at the District competition at NEMCC today: Shailon Roberson, 1st place, Introduction to Business Procedures; Shelby Mayner and Ashton Martin, 2nd place, Entrepreneurship; Page Stacy, 4th place, Job Interview; Matthew Laws, 4th place, Economics; and Chris Hill, 6th place, Journalism. Also pictured are Sarah Wilson, MacKenzie Hughes, and Cayliana Newman. Those who placed will advance to the state level FBLA competition. The FBLA members are led by BHS teacher Susan Winstead and Kelvin Hill.

DECA advances to internationals
DECA advances to internationals

Congratulations to Westin Phillips and Ingrid Osmundson who are advancing to DECA Internationals in Anaheim, California as a Financial Services Team after placing 2nd at the DECA State Conference.

FFA welding teams places 3rd at district
FFA welding teams places 3rd at district

Congratulations to the BHS FFA students Matthew Laws, Alex Curnutt, and Logan Hutcheson for placing 3rd place of 9 teams at the Northeast Federation Welding competition at NEMCC.

BHS Choir rated superior, advances to state
BHS Choir rated superior, advances to state

Congratulations to the BHS Choir for making superior in performance and in sight singing at the District Festival! The choir will now advance to the state level competition!

BHS Vo-tech construction process begins

BHS vo-tech construction process begins

Baldwyn Schools has begun advertising for bids for the upcoming vocational education building construction.

In January a bond issued passed at over 85 percent approval for the funding of constructing a vo-tech building on the Baldwyn High School campus. The facility and vo-tech education will entail three different costs including personnel, equipment and supplies, and building construction. The personnel salaries will be funded through the Mississippi Department of Education; most of the equipment and supplies have been donated by area industries, and grants will be sought for remaining equipment and supplies; and the building construction will be funded through the bond issue.

Bids for construction will be opened on March 23 by Baldwyn Schools’ board members and administration. A bid will then be accepted, and the board and administration will move forward with a work session on March 24. With this anticipated schedule, construction is expected to begin by April. The construction company will be under a 180-day contract. The construction is expected to be completed during the fall of the 2017-18 school year.

The vo-tech facility will be 11,900 square feet including four classrooms, two large workshops, one conference room, four offices, two bathrooms, a lobby, expandable entrances, and a dock lift outside the workshops.

Currently Baldwyn Schools offers Teacher Academy, Business classes, STEM, Agri-Science, Career Pathways Exploration, and Family and Consumer Science vocational classes. With the addition of the vo-tech building, BHS will also be able to offer Furniture Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technician classes. The Teacher Academy and Business classes will be relocated to the new facility also.

“We are excited to begin this stage of construction and want to make sure we take every step in preparing our students with the tools and skills they need for their future education, career, and opportunities to be successful,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

BHS 2nd 9 Weeks Awards

Baldwyn Schools 2nd 9 Weeks Academic Awards

Principal’s List

9th Grade – Anfernee Agnew, Annika Beene, Joseph Gusman, Abigail Magill, Tyler Miller, Abby Pennington, Bailey Raines, Shailon Roberson, SeNyiah Turnage, Sarah Wilson

10th Grade – Ethan Carmichael, Haley Cotton, Rebecca Crawford, Jordan Eldridge, Cheyene Etheridge, Garrett Gray, Sydney Griffin, Josh Hester, Clay Hoover, Danielle Jones, Corey Large, Chloe Nanney

11th Grade – Jaleel Agnew, Hannah Anglin, Gracie Barber, Allie Belew, Taylor Blackwell, Jade Cagle, Holly Chase, Jake Eldridge, Paige Huddleston, Savanna Martin, Westin Phillips, Allison Roberts, Hannah Sandlin, Jeni Kate Scott, John Swinney, Isaiah Terry, Bryan Vickers

12th Grade – Hannah Bridges, Alexis Cooper, Noah Hancock, Corley Hogue, Kody Hollin, Dawn Jackson, Starr Jackson, Carleena King, Mickala King, Matthew Laws, Micah McKinney, Ingrid Osmundson, Tyler Raines, Russ Trollinger


Honor Roll

9th Grade – Alaysha Billups, Lanadia Clay, Kensleigh Gann, Qwantavious Gates, Micaela Harper, Kezia Hayes, Christopher Hill, Luke Horner, Summer Hudson, Cash King, Kishondra Marion, Taylor Miller, Shanti Shinault, Payton Wood

10th Grade – Lawson Gamble, Allie Grissom, Mackenzie Hughes, Katelyn Murphy, Cayliana Newman, Mattie Pettigo, Ryder Osmundson, Wadlon Ragin, Savannah Roberts, Zach Roberts, Cameron Stewart, Keeley Wade

11th Grade - Shamaur Agnew, Terin Beene, Michael Crump, Alex Curnutt, Emerald Dilworth, Jerrius Dye, Nicolas Garcia, Connor Hendrix, Brett Horner, Paityn Johnson, Meridith Morris, Emma Pearson, Breana Pounds, Latrell Shelley, Keontae Starks, Dequantrae Welch

12th Grade – Alexis Barnett, Sahara Beene, Tamiya Beene, Destiny Bennett, Jalon Clark, Hannah Durham, Molly Fincher, Ovurton Gates, Diamond Irons, Emily Jenkins, Tyrani Key, Payton Magill, Shelby Maynor, Alise McCreary, CJ McGaha, Samantha Moad, Hunter Ray, Austin Roberts, Keely Roberts, Page Stacy, Chance Stewart, LaJayla Turnage, Jimmy Tyes

BHS DECA revels in a blue blaze
BHS DECA revels in a blue blaze

Baldwyn High School DECA students have made Bearcat history by all members receiving first place titles in their respective district competition divisions.

Eleven BHS DECA students traveled to the 2017 DECA District Conference in Tupelo last week on Wednesday. Each of the members had completed an online test for their competition division prior to attending the conference. At the conference, each member participated in his/her role playing competition event.

The following DECA members placed first place in each of their competition divisions: Ryder Osmundson and Zach Roberts – Business Law and Ethics Team Management Team Decision Making; Ingrid Osmundson and Westin Phillips – Financial Analysis Management Team Decision Making Event; Ashton Martin – Human Resources Management Series; Hannah Anglin and Ethan Carmichael – Marketing Management Team Decision Making; Shelby Maynor and Micah McKinney – Sports & Entertainment Marketing Management Team Decision Making; and Lexie Cooper and Noah Hancock – Travel & Tourism Marketing Management Team Decision Making.

“We are extremely proud of our DECA team members. This type of achievement by all members placing first shows what type of commitment and hard work our students really demonstrate and are capable of,” BHS DECA sponsor Joe Blassingame said.

All eleven of the DECA members will advance to that state level competition at the 2017 DECA State Conference in Jackson February 16-17.

BHS 1st 9 Weeks Academic Awards

BHS 1st 9 weeks Academic Awards

Principal’s List

9th grade – Anferee Agnew, Annika Beene, Alaysha Billips, Lanadia Clay, Nikko Gusman, Micaela Harper, Abigail Magill, Abby Pennington, Shailon Roberson, Sarah Wilson, Payton Wood

10th grade – Rebecca Crawford, Jordan Eldridge, Sydney Griffin, Allie Grissom, Josh Hester, Clay Hoover, Brooke Morris

11th grade – Hannah Anglin, Gracy Barber, Allie Belew, Jade Cagle, Holly Chase, Jake Eldridge, Connor Hendrix, Paige Huddleston, Savanna Martin, Meridith Morris, Westin Phillips, Allison Roberts, Hannah Sandlin, Jeni Kate Scott, John Swinney, Cameron Terry, Bryan Vickers

12th grade – Alexis Barnett, Tice Bowdry, Hannah Bridges, Lexi Cooper, Corley Hogue, Kody Hollin, Mahalle Howell, Dawn Johnson, Starr Johnson, Carleena King, Kala King, Matthew Laws, Payton McGill, Ashton Martin, CJ McGaha, Micah McKinney, Ingrid Osmundson, Cheyenne Pilkington, Austin Roberts, Page Stacy, Russ Trollinger

Honor Roll

9th grade – Amarie Anderson, Montavious Barnett, Matthew Bragg, Emari Cox, Maylee Dugger, Kansleigh Gann, Kezia Hayes, Luke Horner, Summer Hudson, Cash King, Jakob Martin, Taylor Miller, Logan Potts, I’yana Ragin, Bailey Raines, Harleigh Roberts, Rainie Rodgers, Markevius Rowan, Shanti Shinault, Breanna Starling, SeNyiah Turnage

10th grade - Deonte Betts, Ethan Carmichael, Haley Cotton, Lawson Gamble, Garrett Gray, Mackenzie Hughes, Corey Large, Chloe Nanney, Cayliana Newman, Osmundson, Mattie Pettigo, Wadlon Ragin, Zachary Roberts, Leteaga Shinault, Marrecuse Shinault, Keeley Wade

11th grade – Jaleel Agnew, Shamaur Agnew, Terin Beene, Taylor Blackwell, Michael Crump, Alex Curnutt, Emerald Dilworth, Nicolas Garcia, Brett Horner, Paityn Johnson, Alexandria Leslie, John Lovell, Jake Maynor, Braxton Nabors, Cody Owens, Emma Pearson, Devon Phifer, Breana Pounds, Caleb Pounds, Zach Richardson, Keontae Starks, Dequantrae Welch

12th grade – Sahara Beene, Tamiya Beene, Destiny Bennett, Jalon Clark, Kison Cole, Hannah Durham, Molly Fincher, Noah Hancock, Diamond Irons, Tyrani Key, Alise McCreary, Samantha Moad, Tyler Raines, Hunter Ray, Austin Roberts, Will Roberts, Keely Roberts, Tyler Smith, Nehemiah Starks, Chance Stewart, LaJayla Turnage

2016 Red Ribbon Week
2016 Red Ribbon Week

Baldwyn Schools promotes being drug free

Baldwyn Schools educated its students on a drug-free lifestyle last week during National Red Ribbon Week.

Each day of the week students and teachers were encouraged to dress in theme attire including “Team Up Against Drugs” – wear jersey Monday, “Fight Against Drugs” – wear camo Tuesday, “You Are Too Fabulous for Drugs” – dress up Wednesday, “Be a Hero Against Drugs” – wear hero costume Thursday, and “Love Conquers All” – wear red/pink Friday.

Each school participated in a drug-free poster contest competition. A first, second, and third place winner at each school was named. Winners at BES were 1st place Jeremiah Gill, 2nd place Jana-Claire Collins, and third place Beth Hughes and Ethan King. Winners at BMS were first place Alex Wilson, second place Emily Floyd, and third place Kyndal Jacobs and Bryston Howell. Winners at BHS were first place Alex Wilson, 2nd place Emily Floyd, and third place Kyndal Jacobs and Bryston Howell.

BMS and BHS students had a special guest speaker Adrian Branch, former NBA player. Branch currently works with World Sports to share drug-free lifestyle and Christian influences with students. He also works as a college sports analysis with ESPN. He is a former basketball player with the University of Maryland and won a NBA Championship with the L.A. Lakers.

BHS students held a red balloon release in honor and memory of drug abuse victims and those who have lost their lives to drug abuse.

Teachers at each school also took time to educate students about the effects of drugs and their future career options.

“Red Ribbon Week is just one way we can encourage and lead our students to having a successful career and life,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

*More photos can be viewed in the BHS Photo Gallery.

BHS October 2016 Students of the Month

9th Grade - Abby Magill

10th Grade - Keeley Wade

11th Grade - Westin Phillips

12th Grade - Nehemiah Starks

BHS Students Represent Bearcats in State Legislature
BHS Students Represent Bearcats in State Legislature

Baldwyn High School juniors, Ingrid Osmundson and Hunter Ray, Baldywn High School freshman, Ryder Osmundson, served as pages in the Senate for Senator Chad McMahan. BHS is proud of these students for serving our state as well representing Bearcats in the state legislature!​

BHS Golf - Region 1-2A Division Champs
BHS Golf - Region 1-2A Division Champs

The Baldwyn High School Bearcat golf team achieved its eighth consecutive Region 1-2A Division Championship on Wednesday. Members of the Bearcat golf team are (l-r) Maddux Richey, Westin Phillips, Garrett Gray, Lawson Gamble, Ethan Carmichael, and Coach Michael Gray. Not pictured is Payton Wood. The golf team will advance to the MHSAA state golf playoffs on May 3-4. Garrett Gray won the title of individual medalist with the lowest score of the tournament and will advance to the individual state playoffs also.

Bearcat Band
Bearcat Band

BHS senior claims NEMCC drum major title

Demi Roberts

Staff Writer


Baldwyn High School senior Cassie Hester will serve as one of three Northeast Mississippi Community College Tiger Band drum majors for the 2016-2017 season. Hester is the first Baldwyn graduate that will serve in the position of NEMCC drum major.


“Cassie is a great addition to the band program here at NEMCC. She had a very successful marching season this past fall which I know made the Baldwyn band proud. And this past Saturday, she came in and had a great audition for the Tiger Band. I am very excited about our upcoming marching season and hope to have a great year,” NEMCC band director Bryan Mitchell said.


Hester has been a member of the Bearcat Band for eight years. She was a trumpet player for six of those years, and then led the band as drum major for the last two years. Hester served under the direction of former band director Billy Morton and current band director Marshall Dear during her time as a Bearcat band member.


“Mr. Morton pushed me to work harder, and Mr. Dear pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to never give up. I know they are part of my success, and I will carry these ideas with me throughout my band career and life,” Hester noted.


In 2014 she led the Bearcat band to place second at the state level competition. Within her two years as Bearcat band drum major, she received multiple superior ratings at area competitions such as Phil Campbell, AL; Tupelo, Olive Branch, Northeast MS, Corinth, and more.


Hester will leave Baldwyn after directing some 40 plus students to joining the NEMCC Tiger Band and assist two other drum majors in directing a 250 plus members.


“I have loved being a part of the BHS band. It has really taught me that even though things may seem impossible, all it takes is a little hard work and dedication and focus to make it possible,” Hester said.


“I also learned that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. I have made lifelong friends who have encouraged me every step of the way. They BHS band has played a very important role in my years as a drum major, with that being said I am beyond excited to experience the upcoming year as NEMCC drum major.”

Mississippi Assessment Program

Please view the following attachments to receive more information about the Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP):

All-State Honor Choir
All-State Honor Choir

Congratulations Allie Grissom and Meridith Morris!  They have been accepted into the Mississippi High School All-State Honor Choir and will perform on April 2nd at the University of Southern Mississippi. Thank you for your support of the music department.



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