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Baldwyn Schools approves vo-tech center bid

Bid approved for Baldwyn Schools’ vo-tech center

Baldwyn Schools will be setting a ground breaking date very soon for its new vocation education center which will be titled the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center.

Last week the Baldwyn school board approved a construction bid by CIG Construction of Corinth for $1,310,200. The bid included a base bid of $1,249,900, standing seam roof $24,600, brick veneer $30,800, and concrete paving $4,900. Three other bids were submitted. PryorMorrow, supervising architects and engineers of the project, supported the bid approval.

The bid is contracted for 180 days. The next phase of the project will be a meeting this week for administration to meet with construction and design supervisors to discuss specifics of dates and construction details.

“We will be keeping the community updated with frequent press releases and announcements. We want to thank the community again for their support and trust in this project. We know that our vocational education program will be a positive contribution to our students and the community,” Superintendent Jason Mckay said.

Baldwyn Schools partners with PC Schools

Baldwyn Schools makes headway with Prentiss County Schools

Baldwyn School District continues with the planning and construction process of its new vocational education facility – the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center.

Last week, Baldwyn Schools’ administration met with Prentiss County principals to discuss and plan the scheduling of allowing Prentiss County students to take classes at Baldwyn’s new vo-tech facility beginning next school year.

Principals discussed scheduling, transportation, classes offerings, credits, funding, and more.

“We are excited about this partnership with Prentiss County Schools. We want to be able to work together to create educational opportunities for our students that will benefit not only them but also the future of the community,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

The next phase of the curriculum and schedule planning will be visiting with students and parents at each of the respective schools to survey interest in the class offerings. Courses will include business classes, Teacher Academy, Furniture Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Technician classes. These classes will be offered to Baldwyn, Booneville, and Prentiss County high school students. Prentiss County High Schools include Wheeler, Jumpertown, Thrasher, and New Site.

The classes will be able to accommodate at least 15 students per class period with three to four class offerings per day. Students will earn credits toward graduation for these vocational classes. The manufacturing classes will also offer testing for National Career Readiness Certification and National Construction Education Certification. Students who excel on these tests will be able to advance in their certifications and job opportunities in the industry field post high school graduation.

Bids have been accepted for the construction process of the Career Advancement Center. A ground breaking ceremony is expected this spring and will be announced at a later date.

Baldwyns Schools named District of Innovation status

Baldwyn Schools organizes partnership with Booneville Schools


Baldwyn Schools will be “building bridges” with Booneville School District to improve the quality of education for both of their students.

Recently Baldwyn and Booneville Schools were named Districts of Innovation by the Mississippi Department of Education. Both schools will be working together to improve its class offerings and education for their students. This spring Baldwyn and Booneville faculty and administration will meet and make plans and organize their new class offerings in a joint effort.

“We are excited about this partnership and are motivated to doing what we can within our district to offer the best education opportunities for our students and their futures,” Baldwyn Superintendent Jason McKay said.

The mission of the District of Innovation status is 1) students who choose to be college bound will have the opportunity to participate in enhanced, rigorous classes, preparing them to fulfill coursework in a timely manner; 2) students who choose to go directly into the workforce will be eligible to work in a high wage industry based on the training and certification received through the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center; and 3) struggling learners will have received resourceful and creative remediation of deficit skills starting in middle through cooperative learning experiences that develop interpersonal skills along with academics.

The goals of the school districts will be 1) to provide career-readiness education and training that prepares a student to be a contributing member of the workforce and begin his or her career with a unique and valuable skillset that is extremely marketable to local industries; 2) to expand academic course offerings through online courses not available on the campus of Baldwyn High School and ensure students are college ready; and 3) to structure the school day and schedule to best meet the learning needs of students at the middle school level.

The mission and goals will include the launch of the new vocational education facility and classes at Baldwyn Schools and the bridging of Baldwyn and Booneville Schools Advanced Placement classes. Students will be able to take online AP classes, if there school does not offer the AP class they are desiring to enroll in.

The District of Innovation planning process will also include a community wide meeting, informative meeting for teachers, promotion of the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center and District of Innovation status, construction of facilities, staffing of BCAC, certification requirements for students to earn NCCR card, and industries to provide specific guidance on soft skills needed to be developed along with curriculum guidance and support as needed.

Bus and parking relocations

Baldwyn Schools prepares for parking, bus relocations


Baldwyn Schools will begin some of the physical construction process of the new Vo-tech facility following spring break March 13-17.

Starting Monday, March 20 all faculty, students, and visitors will not be allowed to park in the auditorium parking lot (center parking lot near the cafeteria of the BMS and BHS campuses).

“We will be temporarily relocating our bus parking lot from the north end of the high school to the auditorium parking lot,” Superintended Jason McKay explained.

The buses will be stationed at the auditorium parking lot through the school day and evenings so that the former bus parking and fencing on the north end of BHS can be torn down and prepared for the new vo-tech facility construction site.

The buses will only be temporarily stationed at the auditorium parking lot until the elementary bus parking lot is upgraded to house the buses as their permanent station.

All bus schedules and pick up and drop off points will remain the same for morning and afternoon routes.

“We want to inform the community of our planning and steps throughout the construction process. Safety is our first priority in providing your child’s education,” Superintendent McKay added.

Baldwyn Schools named District of Innovation

Baldwyn Schools named District of Innovation

Baldwyn School District has been named a District of Innovation by the Mississippi Department of Education. This elite status was awarded to the district after forming a partnership with Booneville School District for the “Building Bridges” program.

The “Building Bridges” program will enable students to access specialized courses in both districts. Baldwyn School District will provide students the opportunity to take career and technical courses and earn industry certification in industrial maintenance and/or furniture manufacturing. The classes will be located on the Baldwyn High School campus and taught by certified Baldwyn High School staff in the new vocational educational facility in which the construction process is underway.

Booneville School District will offer students the opportunity to take online Advanced Placement courses taught by Booneville High School teachers who have AP certifications.

“Working with Booneville allows our district to be creative and broaden educational opportunities for students,” Baldwyn Superintendent Jason McKay said.

“This partnership helps us work together to give our students the best chance to succeed.”

Booneville Superintendent Todd English added, “Our collaboration helps our schools use our strengths to benefit the students.”

District of Innovation statuses are awarded through an application process. During 2016 Corinth, Gulfport, and Vicksburg-Warren schools earned the status. During the February MDE board meeting, Grenada, Baldwyn, and Booneville schools were awarded the status. For more information, visit www.mde.k12.ms.us.

BHS Vo-tech building progress continues

BHS vo-tech construction process begins

Baldwyn Schools has begun advertising for bids for the upcoming vocational education building construction.

In January a bond issued passed at over 85 percent approval for the funding of constructing a vo-tech building on the Baldwyn High School campus. The facility and vo-tech education will entail three different costs including personnel, equipment and supplies, and building construction. The personnel salaries will be funded through the Mississippi Department of Education; most of the equipment and supplies have been donated by area industries, and grants will be sought for remaining equipment and supplies; and the building construction will be funded through the bond issue.

Bids for construction will be opened on March 23 by Baldwyn Schools’ board members and administration. A bid will then be accepted, and the board and administration will move forward with a work session on March 24. With this anticipated schedule, construction is expected to begin by April. The construction company will be under a 180-day contract. The construction is expected to be completed during the fall of the 2017-18 school year.

The vo-tech facility will be 11,900 square feet including four classrooms, two large workshops, one conference room, four offices, two bathrooms, a lobby, expandable entrances, and a dock lift outside the workshops.

Currently Baldwyn Schools offers Teacher Academy, Business classes, STEM, Agri-Science, Career Pathways Exploration, and Family and Consumer Science vocational classes. With the addition of the vo-tech building, BHS will also be able to offer Furniture Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technician classes. The Teacher Academy and Business classes will be relocated to the new facility also.

“We are excited to begin this stage of construction and want to make sure we take every step in preparing our students with the tools and skills they need for their future education, career, and opportunities to be successful,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

Bond Issue

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