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Baldwyn Elementary School is home to Baldwyn’s kindergarten through fourth grade students. Located at 515 Bender Circle, the halls of BES are decorated with imaginative artwork. All students are encouraged to work hard, do their best, and succeed in reaching their goals.


Blake Howell

Blake Howell


Tracie Weatherbee

Tracie Weatherbee


Melody Gill

Melody Gill


Shantina McGaha

Shantina McGaha


BES Kindergarten Staff:

Leslie Martin, K Teacher (

Amber Clifton, K Assitant (

Amanda Raines, K Teacher (

Carra Powell, K Assistant (

Tami Scott, K Teacher (

Michelle Wilson, K Assistant (


BES 1st Grade Staff:

Valerie Crump, 1st Grade Teacher (

Bobbie Roberts, 1st Grade Assistant (

Miranda Garner, 1st Grade Teacher (

Tamekia Bell, 1st Grade Assistant (

Kim Grissom, 1st Grade Teacher (

Camille Bonds, 1st Grade Assistant (


BES 2nd Grade Staff:

Renae Anglin, 2nd Grade Teacher (

Amy Martin, 2nd Grade Teacher (

Rothann Richey, 2nd Grade Teacher (




BES 3rd Grade Staff:

Callie Faulkner, 3rd Grade Math Teacher (

Kelly Moss, 3rd Grade ELA Teacher (

Season Ward, 3rd Grade Science & SS Teacher (


BES 4th Grade Staff:

Allie Ashmore, 4th Grade Science & SS Teacher (

Amy Crane, 4th Grade ELA Teacher (

Kayleigh Hutcheson, 4th Grade Math Teacher (


BES Support Staff:

April McCreary, Librarian (

Kelvin Hill, Typing (

Keeley Wade, PE (

Demi Roberts, Talented & Gifted (

Kacey Bates, Special Education (

Stacey Mahler, Special Education (

Cristy Wilbanks, Special Education (

Jessica Black, Speech Therapist (

Mitzi Gaines, Speech Therapist (

Katie Boren, Dyslexia Therapist (

Kathy Kirk, Interventionist (




Our Staff

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Baldwyn School District is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students within our district. We are proud of the accomplishments of students and staff at each of our schools: Baldwyn Elementary School, Baldwyn Middle School, and Baldwyn High School. Our motto is “Encourage, Enrich, and Empower.”