Creating Success through
Tradition & Challenge

Baldwyn High School strives for academic excellence in all subject areas and offers electives such as foreign language, art, chorus, music, and business classes. This expectation for excellence coupled with a substantial elective program continues to produce successful graduates. With the help of the administration as well as the highly qualified teaching staff, most students continue their education at post-secondary institutions where they are able to pursue their professional aspirations.


Rickey Weaver

Rickey Weaver


Reneetra Pippin

Reneetra Pippin

BHS Asst. Principal 5-12th Grades

Catie Haynes

Catie Haynes

BHS Asst. Principal 5-12th Grades

Meloney Green

Meloney Green

Counselor 9-12th Grades

Ronica Scales

Ronica Scales

Secretary 9-12th Grades

Mandi Heavener

Mandi Heavener

Nurse 5-12th Grades

Melody Gill

Melody Gill

Counselor K-8th Grades

Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson

Secretary 5-8th Grades


BES 5-8th Staff:

Neal Allen, 7th Social Studies/Football (

Jonathan Childs, 5th Social Studies/PE/Basketball (

Rachel Davis, 8th ELA (

Marshall Dear, Band (

Brandy Dobbs, 5th ELA (

Montana Flaherty, 6th ELA (

Mike Frassetto, 8th Math & Social Studies/Volleyball (

Brian Grammer, Special Education (

Darrel Grimes, 7th ELA (

Tonya Hall, 5th Math (

Jacob Harper, 6th Math (

Erica Harvell, 5th Science/Basketball (

Amanda Jackson, 6th Social Studies & Science/Softball (

Conner McKay, PE/Basketball (

Courtney Montgomery, Cyber Foundations (

Kimberlee Richardson, 7th-8th Science (

Demi Roberts, TAG – Gifted Education (

Ashley Segars, Special Education (

Susan Stevens, 7th Math (

BES 9-12th Staff:

Dru Allen, Math/Geometry/Football (

Joe Blassingame, CTE (

Kara Courtney, Art (

Monica Craven, English I-II (

Marshall Dear, Band/General Music (

Amanda DeVaughn, World & US History (

Tessa Grammer, Math/Tennis (

Michael Gray, Driver’s Education/Football (

Amy Hamblin, Health/FCCLA (

Jeannie Lansdell, Online Proctor (

Allison Mask, Special Education/Cheer (

Mallory Moore, Science/Archery (

Becky Pippin, Biology (

Shannon Smith, College & Career Readiness/Baseball (

Gregg Tucker, Government/Economics (

Nathan Watson, Computer Science (

Blair Weaver, Algebra/Cheer (

Megan Welch, Special Education (

Jessica Williams, English III-IV/ACT (

5-12th Grade Support Staff:

Karen Watson, Librarian (

Keeley Wade, ISS (

Mandi Heavener, Nurse (

Johnny Haynes, SPED Assistant (

Mitzi Gaines, Speech Therapist (

Willie Thomas, Tutor/Mentor/Track (


5th Grade:

Brandy Dobbs, 5th Grade ELA (

Tonya Hall, 5th Grade Math (

Erica Harvell, 5th Grade Science (

Jonathan Childs, 5th Grade Social Studies (

6th Grade:

Montana Flahtery, 6th Grade ELA (

Jacob Harper, 6th Grade Math (

Amanda Jackson, 6th Grade Science & Social Studies (

7th & 8th Grade:

Megan Welch, 7th Grade ELA & Social Studies (

Susan Stevens, 7th Grade Math (

Kimberlee Richardson, 7-8th Grade Science (

Conner McKay, 7-8th Grade PE (

Courtney Montgomery 7-8th Grade ICT (

Rachel Davis, 8th Grade ELA & Dual Enrollment (

Mike Frassetto, 8th Grade Math and Social Studies (

Support Staff:

Ashley Segars, Special Education (

Brian Grammer, Special Education (

Megan Welch, Special Education (



Dru Allen, Geometry (

Joe Blassingame, CPE (

Kara Courtney, Art I & II (

Monica Craven, English I & II (

Marshall Dear, Band & General Music (

Amanda DeVaughn, World History & US History (

Tessa Grammer, Algebra II & Advanced Math (

Michael Gray, Driver’s ED (

Amy Hamblin, Health and Consumer Sciences (

Johnny Haynes, Special Education Assistant (

Jeannie Lansdell, Online Course Proctor (

Allison Mask, Special Education (

Mallory Moore, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science (

Becky Pippin, Pre-Biology and Biology I (

Shannon Smith, College & Career Readiness (

Gregg Tucker, US Government and Economics (

Blair Weaver, Compensatory Math and Algebra I (

Jessica Williams, English III & IV, SREB and ACT Prep (

Nathan Watson, Computer Science (

Mattie Knowles, Special Education (

Our Staff

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Baldwyn School District is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students within our district. We are proud of the accomplishments of students and staff at each of our schools: Baldwyn Elementary School, Baldwyn Middle School, and Baldwyn High School. Our motto is “Encourage, Enrich, and Empower.”